Juan María Solare (piano, composer)

piano, composer
Express News (London)
Juan María Solare after the recital at the Bolívar Hall, London, 25th July 2012.

    credits: Express News (London) Photo by Carlos Gallardo
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    Juan María Solare, piano recital at the Goethe Institut Göttingen (Germany), 11th April 2013

      credits: Photo by Priscila González
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      Juan María Solare, 2007

        credits: Lea Dietrich
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        Video / Audio
        Puma (by Juan María Solare)
        Puma: Tango Nuevo for piano solo, composed by Juan María Solare. Recorded and filmed at the Theatre of the university of Bremen (Germany). Camera: Mauricio López. Videos editing: Juan María Solare (28th July 2014). Grand piano Bösendorfer. This piece is dedicated to Juliane Dehning. "Puma" will be part of the upcoming CD "Beyond Tango".

          credits: Camera: Mauricio López. Videos editing: Juan María Solare
          © Juan Maria Solare
          A room (John Cage), piano: Juan María Solare
          - The composition A room (by John Cage), performed by pianist Juan María Solare at the church of St Martin in the Fields, London, on 1 November 2013. Camera: James MacAonghus. I like to think that John Cage would have been delighted with the sirene sounds invading his piece. Perhaps a signal that Cage's spirit actually visited the concert.

            credits: Camera: James MacAonghus.
            © J M Solare