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I am Peter Robertson, a flute player based in London, but I happily travel all around the UK and the world to play music.

I am currently Principal Flute in the Ealing Symphony Orchestra in London, and with the Oxford Chamber Orchestra.

I play a very special gold flute made by Haynes and wooden flutes by Chris Abell in Mopane and African Blackwood with a headjoint made by Dr Robert Bigio. I've also begun to make my own flutes.

After Japan and the Nielsen concerto in 2016, Romania and France, and the Khachaturian concerto in 2017 - I'm looking forward in 1018 to travel to play in Canada and the Netherlands, as well as complete the first part of a recording project featuring new music by British composers.

latest News
Some fast flute on BBC iPlayer 16. Mar 2018

Hear me play the wonderfully virtuosic flute part for the finale of George Lloyd's 6th Symphony on BBC iplayer here:

(make sure to log-in to hear it from the start).

What an amazing piece!

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Short Profile

NameRobertson, Peter
Born inUnited Kingdom, Europe
Home LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Main languageEnglish
attended UniversitiesOxford University

Peter Robertson - Flute
Playing with the orchestra in the final concert of the 2015 Kirishima International Music Festival 
Peter Robertson - Flute
Peter Robertson - Flute
"Look, no hands" 
Nielsen Concerto
My very special Haynes gold flute. A delight to play.
My Abell Mopane wood flute with a crown I made. 
Peter Robertson - Flute
My very special Haynes gold flute. A delight to play. 
Alwyn's Divertimento - London Recital Autumn 2017
This work was premiered by the french flautist René Le Roy, and became quite popular - a fact of which Alwyn was unaware for many years as Britain was in the depths of war. Alwyn himself has been described as a virtuoso flautist - graduating in flute and composition from the Royal Academy of Music in London. 
Bozza "Image"
Was at a dear friend's wedding at the weekend, playing some Mozart during the signing of the register. Next day, I snuck back to the - then very very cold! - church (Holy Trinity, Matfen, UK) as the acoustic was nice and the neighbours in the adjacent hotel room has their "do not disturb" sign on making me feel bad about playing in the hotel room. This was the only music I had with me, so here it is warts and all - all I could bare to play before the cold was too much to bear! Please forgive the blip/cut in the middle where I knocked the recorder off the light it was balanced on :-p 
Doppler - Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise, Op.26 (1870)
Recorded live at October 28 2017 Recital in London - this ended the first half, following some Malcolm Arnold, Poulenc, and Roussel. 
Peter Robertson - Flute
Peter Robertson - Flute
Cantabile from Vivaldi's Flute Concerto in D major, 'Il Gardellino' played on flute+alto flute
Woke up on a sunny Sunday morning with all the birds making noises in the trees. I felt like playing my alto flute, and thought about trying this. Seems to work. Reminds me how different the intonation adjustments are between my gold haynes and the alto!
Flute: Wm. S. Haynes #5
Alto: Trevor James
Location: my kitchen 
Peter Robertson - Flute
In the studio