Peter Robertson (@flutealot)

flute, piccolo

I am Peter Robertson, a flute player based in London, but I happily travel all around the UK (and the world!) to play music.

I am currently Principal Flute in the Ealing Symphony Orchestra in London, and with the Oxford Chamber Orchestra.

I play a very special gold flute made by Haynes and wooden flutes by Chris Abell in Mopane and African Blackwood with a headjoint made by Dr Robert Bigio.

My upcoming ambitions are to complete a recording project, to get our new wind quintet playing to a really high standard, and to play a few more concertos. I'm particularly liking the new concerto "Departures" by Hatzis, and I'd love to play the Ibert again.


I began playing the flute thanks to free music lessons in school when I was about 13. I had broken a tooth the day before trying the clarinet, and so the teacher handed me a flute instead. I was one of those people that could just play it and so I completed grades 1-8 quickly, and a couple of years later I was travelling down to London each month for advanced lessons, and playing in my local and county youth orchestras.

At the end of my school life I was lucky enough to play the Ibert concerto in a large concert hall and since then I've always loved playing concertos, the more challenging the better :-p

After school I studied music at Somerville College, Oxford University. Whilst it was a rigorous academic course, there are so many great ensembles and orchestras in Oxford that I spent most of my time playing and conducting. I still regularly return there to play in the Oxford Chamber Orchestra, with whom I performed the Nielsen concerto in the Sheldonian Theatre - the first concerto I did from memory!

For various reasons after university I pursued other interests. I've managed to work for some big companies, and on some unusual and high profile projects in the music, media and technology spaces, and I've built a couple of successful companies doing product design and working in technology.

Recently, I turned my attention back to flute performance and I've been working hard, and exploring related topics such as flute making (and inventing new flute devices and cases) and entrepreneurship in general for musicians.

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Short Profile

NameRobertson, Peter
Born inUnited Kingdom, Europe
Home LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Main languageEnglish
attended UniversitiesOxford University