Pärnu Music Festival Järvi Academy


Pärnu Music Festival in one of the most esteemed classical music festivals in Estonia and it is becoming one of the most significant orchestra festivals in the whole of Europe. In addition to the extremely high­level performances during the festival, it also plays an important role is teaching young musicians at Järvi Academy.

One of the most important and extraordinary phenomenon of the festival is the festival
orchestra with its special composition, which includes the very best in their fields from allover the world.

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8.-20. July 2015 09. Jul 2015

The Järvi Academy takes traditionally place in Tallinn and Pärnu in Estonia. Students will be selected to work with several orchestras and performing in the Pärnu Music Festival. Concert will be held on several locations, such as Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn and Pärnu Concert Hall, famous for...

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Festival 2015
Kristjan Hallik, Paavo Järvi and some of the HELLO STAGErs who are part of the festival already!