Pärnu Music Festival Järvi Academy


Pärnu Music Festival in one of the most esteemed classical music festivals in Estonia and it is becoming one of the most significant orchestra festivals in the whole of Europe. In addition to the extremely high­level performances during the festival, it also plays an important role is teaching young musicians at Järvi Academy.

One of the most important and extraordinary phenomenon of the festival is the festival
orchestra with its special composition, which includes the very best in their fields from allover the world.

“Pärnu Festival Orchestra has become a world­class orchestra, for which we are attempting to achieve an even and high level of excellence. The festival orchestra is also a kind of a breeding ground – we are involving many young Estonian musicians so that they would develop good contacts with the specialists of the field,” says Paavo Järvi, the artistic director of the festival.

The festival of 2016 is special due to the involvement of three world­famous Järvis – Paavo Järvi, Neeme Järvi, as well as Kristjan Järvi are all conducting at the festival.
The amazing violinist Viktoria Mullova is taking the stage as a soloist. She is performing
Sibelius' violin concerto.

“... these (Pärnu Festival orchestra members) are simply musicians having the time of
their lives, big thanks to the inspiring Paavo Järvi himself, and they’re an inspiration, in
turn, to the festival youth orchestra, a collection of Estonia’s finest young musical talent
who, alternately with the festival orchestra, give some of the week’s most electrifying performances.
Finally, no festival would be complete without its audience, and the people of Pärnu are warm, supportive and appreciative. Paavo Järvi is, it seems, playing to friends – and that is exactly what a festival should be all about.”
Oliver Condy (BBC Music Magazine, 2015).

The Estonian Festival Orchestra (EFO), conducted by Paavo Järvi, performed for the first time in 2011 under the name of Pärnu Festival Orchestra. These concerts were scheduled as part of the Järvi Summer Festival in Pärnu and since then the concerts of this orchestra have been remarkable musical events around which all Pärnu Music Festivals have been built.

The Estonian Festival Orchestra consists of the best Estonian musicians – members of Estonian orchestras, Estonian musicians who have careers outside Estonia and many orchestral soloists from a number of major European orchestras.

The leader of EFO is Florian Donderer who also serves as concertmaster of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen of whom Paavo Jarvi has served as Artistic Director since 2004. Their exceptional sound and quality of playing has been recognized and acknowledged by leading music critics throughout the world.

Paavo Järvi sees the Estonian Festival Orchestra as potentially one of his most important musical achievements and under his charismatic and brilliant conducting this orchestra is on its way to achieving major success. Up until now, the EFO has only been performing in Pärnu, but over the coming concert seasons we will be finally reaching a wider audience by bringing this exceptional orchestra into prestigious concert halls round the world.

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