NO-TE is a full service classical music marketing agency. Our focus is on public relations and visual media. NO-TE supports artists, ensembles, orchestras and institutions or arts organizations, whether they are already established or at the beginning of their careers.

We offer individually designed deliverables for each customer, and tailor our package to your budget. Our ambition is to be a reliable, trustworthy partner to help artists achieve their goals. We develop concepts collaboratively, and implement them purposefully and professionally.

Thanks to our considerable experience, our competence and our wide network in the international music industry, we are able to offer a broad palette of possibilities to satisfy our clients’ needs. From our headquarters in Berlin and Vienna, we coordinate projects with partners throughout Europe. We are particularly well-positioned to bring your projects to the spotlight in the European core markets: Germany, France and the UK. Our young team’s expertise includes economics, communication, journalism, musicology, and visual media such as design, photography and video production. These tools are combined to produce a targeted, charismatic campaign.

  • public and media relations
  • visual media (video, photography, print), collaboration with concert halls
  • music journalism, CVs
  • web concepts, homepage design, social media
  • interviews and press reviews
  • project development (recordings, concerts, master classes) from the idea through to implementation: repertoire, text formats for CD productions or concerts
  • audio (cooperation with labels)
  • international placements of projects, concerts and orchestras
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+43 (1) 956 98 25
+49 (30) 86 39 57 29

VerdeFish Design Studio is a long time with classical music environment connected company, based in Eastern Europe, specialized in product design and graphic packaging of cultural projects.

Standing on strong roots in mass media, due to a long time experience in producing, art directing and light design, VerdeFish developed a personal visual approach. Its main asset is to build a strong connection with the values and uniqueness of each classical music project in order to build a visual context around it. That means not only long talks about tracks and concepts, but also constant feedbacks, working versions, multiple scenarios, until the clean, personal and unique graphical package, from video campaign, to CD or Vinyl artwork.

  • CD & Vinyl artwork
  • Sustaining material (logos, posters, flyers, presentations)
  • Dedicated videos (trailers, clips, projections)
  • Social media graphics
  • Dedicated visual consulting
Example of works:

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Maxfield & Parrish is a multidisciplinary consultancy and brand management company based in Los Angeles. At Maxfield & Parrish, we carefully consider every stage of development and pay rigorous attention to each detail in order to create deliverables that relate clear, strategic messages tailored to specific channels.

All we want is to find unique ideas to keep us away from the ordinary. A journey to find the best trick to feel the rhythm and fade away with the groove. A clear vision to understand the needs and bring solutions. A kind of non-scientific research to explore new ways. A project to make that all possible. We are Maxfield & Parrish.

  • Creative & Design Services
  • Big Data & Web Technology
  • New Media Planning & Placement
  • Business Strategy & Marketing Consulting
Example of Works:
Worldwide. On-site requests İstanbul, New York & Los Angeles.

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10401 Venice Blvd. Suite 520 Los Angeles, California 90034
+1 424 253 0875

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