HELLO STAGE offers a wide variety of different features for the different professional groups. Here is an overview. Best is to try it out and see what is most relevant to you. We also value your feedback on current and future features.

Professional Packages are BASIC and UNLIMITED.

  • ADMINISTRATOR: add an administrator to your account who can edit your Page, add news, events, etc. – for all UNLIMITED Packages
  • ARTIST LISTING: for Managers to list their artists on their HELLO STAGE Page
  • BADGE: to show a bit more about you quickly. Only available for Professional Members. We currently have the following badges:
    PRO – for all professional members
    Q+ - for all Pages with all relevant sections filled out
    TOP – for Pages who have been the most viewed ones
    STAR – for musicians and ensembles whose performance a HELLO STAGE team member has been to
    ORANGE STAR – for founding members of HELLO STAGE
    CHECKED – for Pages checked by the HELLO STAGE team for its correctness
  • FAVORITES: follow your favorite artists and know where their next performance is
  • MANAGER: add your Manager to your Page – only for UNLIMITED Packages of Musicians and Ensembles
  • MEDIA FILES: add videos and sound files to your HELLO STAGE Page
  • MEDIA FLOW ON YOUR PAGE: have your videos, photos, concerts etc. displayed nicely on your first HELLO STAGE Page – for all Professional Packages
  • ENSEMBLE MEMBERS: list your ensemble members on your HELLO STAGE Page – for Professional Ensemble Packages
  • ASSOCIATED ENSEMBLES: list your associated ensembles – for ENSEMBLES UNLIMITED
  • VIP MEMBERS: list your music director, conductor laureate, artist in residence etc – for ENSEMBLES UNLIMITED
  • NAXOS MUSIC LIBRARY: enjoy a free access to the largest classical music streaming library as part of your package – for all Professional Packages
  • PAST EVENTS: list your past events to give others an impression of where and with whom you have performed
  • PHOTOS: add more photos to your Page
  • REVIEWS: add reviews to your Page
  • SEARCH FULL: search musicians by repertoire, past experience and many more criteria – for Promoters with a Professional Package
  • SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: add links to your homepage and to your social media channels
  • TOURING SEARCH: search for orchestras touring your region based on time, repertoire etc. – only for Promoters with a Professional Package. This feature is only activated by request
  • TOURING TOOL: add your upcoming touring plans for either only promoters to see or for the public to see – only for Ensembles with a Professional Package
  • UPCOMING CONCERTS: list your upcoming concerts
  • SHOW ON HELLO STAGE HOME PAGE: your events, videos, news etc. on the front page of HELLO STAGE seen by thousands of visitors – only for Professional Members
  • SHOW ON SLIPPED DISC: your HELLO STAGE events, videos, news etc. are pushed randomly to the community page of www.slippedisc.com, the most widely read blog in the classical music world – only for UNLIMITED Packages
  • NO ADVERTISING: all Professional Pages are free from any kind of advertisments