La Paz Philharmonic Orchestra

In Summer 2014 Bettina from HELLLO STAGE went to Jasmine Choi's Flute Masterclass in Bregenz to speak to her students from around the world about their career. The young musicians asked her about how to get concerts and how to find a manager. Bettina told them that they need to take their careers in their own hands starting by playing small concerts in their respective communities and taking it step by step.

One of the students, Israel Torrez, was very silent and just focused on his practicing. A few days later Bettina got an e-mail from Israel saying that he was not able to sleep for three days always thinking about what she said. His decision was simple – he decided to start a philharmonic orchestra in his home town La Paz in Bolivia. 

He did not have any money. He did not conduct ever before. But a few weeks ago the La Paz Philharmonic Orchestra did its first concert driven by the passion of Israel and his fellow musicians. 
We are humbled by such passion. For the holidays we want to reach out to whole community to support the La Paz Philharmonic with what you can. They need everything – scores, strings, instruments, money… Perhaps you are in the area and can play a concert with them or give a masterclass. We will be helping them to get a crowd funding campaign together. Get in touch with Israel or ourselves if you would like to support this amazing initiative.

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