Sydney Opera House becomes Billboard

A bitter controversy has started about displaying advertisements on the famous Sydney Opera House. The sails of the landmark building will be used to show projections during a horse race in Sydney. This comes at a time when betting and gambling increases in Australia and advertising for it draws worldwide criticism. Nevertheless the local government has overruled the board of the opera house and its CEO and will go ahead with the projections.

What is your opinion? Should a public building be used for advertisements? Is it, maybe, even a good additional income stream for many famous houses? Or is it an unforgivable affront to the architect of such a magnificent building?

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1 thought on “Sydney Opera House becomes Billboard”

  1. Sebastian Viebahn

    This means to sell public space to big business, it’s a corporate intrusion into public space with connivance of local governments. A new level on the way towards the omnipresence of advertising.

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