Don’t Be Anti-Social

Performing Arts Institutions enjoy the company of hundreds, often thousands of people attending their events every day. The first thing an audience member hears is, “Please turn off your phone. Taking photos, videos or any other kind of recording is forbidden.” These concert halls, opera houses, and theatres forgoe the opportunity to have hundreds of people sharing their impression on social media with their friends and followers. Instead, many performing arts institutions rather pay thousands of dollars to Facebook & Co for expensive and often poorly targeted advertisements. There are ways to use the audiences’ buzz for social media without disturbing the artistic performance.

Other news includes the Progressive Classical Music Award by the German violin duo, The Twiolins, the potential strike of the Chicago Symphony musicians, and the Helsingborg Concert Hall and Orchestra becoming environmentally friendly.

More in the Haydn 1791 podcast which you find on, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and many more platforms.

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