Spotify Goes Podcasting

Last week Spotify announced the acquisition of Gimlet and Anchor, two leading podcasting companies. In a blog post Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO of Spotify, explains his rationale behind these two acquisitions. Spotify sees itself as a leading audio company not only a music service.

Gimlet is one of the leading creators of podcast. Some of their leading shows are Homecoming and Reply All. Anchor is one of the biggest platform enabling creators to record, mix, and upload their podcasts. HELLO STAGE uses Anchor for their own podcasts.

Our founder, Bernhard Kerres, explains in the latest Haydn 1791 podcast, why the acquisitions make sense for Spotify and what the opportunities are for performing arts institutions. He cites Grammofy, which uses Spotify already for its enlighting classical music features. In the same podcast Bernhard speaks about the power of playlists and uses the example of Maestro Donato Cabrera’s playlists for concerts he conducts with the Las Vegas Philharmonic.

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