A Career Podcast for You

At the beginning of this year, Bernhard Kerres started a podcast with career advise for classical musicians. It follows Bettina Mehne’s and his book, Be Your Own Manager. The podcast has already over 30 episodes! Bernhard addresses issues from cold calling, involving fans, to doing your first recording. In some of the more recent episodes he started inviting guests for interviews.

You might enjoy the episode with Marie-Luise Dingler of The Twiolins where they speak about cold calling and selling projects. Marie-Luise will actually do a live online class on cold calling in November. Go to our STORE for more information. She also announced the Progressive Classical Music Award where the Twiolins are looking for new and exciting repertoire.

In another episode Bernhard speaks to violinist Justina Auskelyte about her project, Violinist on a Bike, bringing music to shops and cafes in Malmö, and hopefully soon to more places.

The podcast is available on all major platforms including iTunes.


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