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In our latest career podcast for classical musicians, Bernhard Kerres talks about the different kinds of videos an artist might need. Here are some examples we like. Feel free to add more in the comments!

Pianist Tanja Huppert has made a wonderful introduction to her music and herself. In the video, one sees her not only playing Liszt, Haydn, and Ullmann. The camera changes nicely between her fingers and a full view of her and the piano. The video has little interludes of Tanja taking about the music she plays. The seven minutes give a good impression who Tanja Huppert is, what music means to her, and how she plays.

Flutist Daniela Mars is very active on social media. She has several great videos. We took her playing George Bizet’s Carmen Flute Trio as an example. In just over two minutes she not only shows her virtuosity but adds a bit of humor to it.

Cellist Sol Daniel Kim started a fascinating project exploring his Korean roots. Together with the Korean Gayageum player Dayoung Yoon he founded a duo with music bridging the east and the west. The first videos of their album are simple. They are filmed with one camera in a black box. But who needs more with that wonderful music?

For the release of their new album “Play Fazil Say”, piano duo Ferhan and Ferzan Önder made a beautiful trailer which not only shows them playing Fazil Say’s “Winter Morning in Istanbul” but adds sequences of them in the city which spans two continents.

Another cellist, Sophia Bacelar, started a wonderful vlog. She shares her cello practice tips with other cellists and musicians – amateurs and professionals. With these videos, she addresses a completely different audience.

Photo by Wahid Khene on Unsplash

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