Booking in the Modern Age!

I have been blessed to book, manage, promote and perform in over 15 different countries , all with their own set of rules when it comes to booking, management and performance and one thing remains congruent – I have spoken with a lot of top players, colleagues in the booking world from Tokyo to Mexico City and the details are as follows when requesting a booking .

1. Be honest, don´t lie with social media numbers as this will reflect on attendance on the day of your show.

2. When requesting a date or show please send us a 150 words or less bio, we dont need clippings or newsworthy press articles. We want to see what you look like LIVE that means a live performance not edited, not cleaned up or with music overdubbed on your performance, no music videos. We just need:

  • small bio (150 words),
  • tour dates you have booked or are working on,
  • one high res photo 300 DPI (just one make it clear!),
  • 2 video links –  one live performance and one promo reel if you have it but Live performance will always win,
  • last and not least your goals and intention to really promote and how you will promote the show.

The more we see you to be a self starter  we will get the gig. So if you can help us please make a poster to help us help you. And work with our budget. Just like it is expensive for you to travel to us, we have overhead on sound, operations and marketing and staff.

I hope these tips can extend your future endeavours and see you on the road!


Christopher Leyva
Black Cherry Group

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