The New Bach Cello Suites

French cellist Marianne Dumas has long been in love with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suites for Solo Cello. Before recording them, she spent considerable time researching about them. And she made some amazing discoveries, which were even acknowledged by Yo-Yo Ma, Ton Koopman, and others.

Here discoveries are based on the fact that Bach wrote the cello suites before the playing techniques of the appeared. So he wrote the suites much more with the viola da gamba in mind, rather than the cello as we know it today. That has a huge impact on bowing, sound, and many other aspects.

Marianne Dumas not only recorded the Bach cello suites in 2018 with these new discoveries in mind but started writing about it and working on a new edition of the cello suites. All that can be found on her new JS Bach Cello Suites webpage – a paradise for any interested cellist and musician.

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