Why play along with their system… when we can just make our own?

There’s a growing rankle in musical circles. Across the board, dissatisfaction is being voiced with what we term the ‘traditional classical music industry’. From schools and conservatoires, to international competitions, the recording industry, and much more, musicians are finding voice to express their disappointment at an industry that has largely failed to acclimatise to an everchanging evolutionary landscape.

But why complain?

Granted, it is one of our favourite pasttimes, but instead of continuing to voice our displeasure, before changing back into our concert blacks, why not take our skills and passions elsewhere? There are more than enough musicians, and more than enough people around the globe to support more than one traditional industry.

Sick of the nepotism? –¬†Start a new family.

Tired of being told how to play? – Play for other people with less bias.

The 1781 Collective is an international group of musicians, performers, interdisciplinary artists, and thinkers, all driven by a common goal: to create a parallel industry alongside the traditional model. Not competition, not aiming to disrupt and conquer, but offer a new option for the many thousands of performers out there who want to do something more with our collective passions.

For more info and to join the movement, visit www.1781collective.com.

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