The Sonata by GUSTAVO BRITOS ZUNÍN is composed in a single movement in three parts, which the central is calm and reflective and the first and third are fast and bright. The whole sonata is very lyric and expressive.

I still remember the email conversations with the composer some weeks before the premiere when we were talking about the treatment of baritone saxophone, among other details. I really like it and think that this work will fit into the repertoire of those baritone players who enjoy playing transcriptions because don’t find suitable original pieces.

I premiered this SONATE FOR BARITONE SAXOPHONE AND PIANO with Bulgarian pianist Vanya Pesheva in Bertrange (Luxembourg) on December 3rd, 2017. I wanted do to something different on the comment of the work for this occasion and proposed the composer to participate in it. So, I sent Gustavo Britos an open questionnaire where he explains different thoughts as the reason of the election of the baritone saxophone, his opinion about classical music, etc. Hope you find it interesting -> Find it here.

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