Opera Singer Problems and a Solution

My name is Oleg, I am 50 years old, and I am a professional opera singer. I want to share with you one interesting observation from my life. Have you ever thought what a close connection is between a singer and an accompanist and how much does he influence a singer in his work?

During my 30 years as an opera singer, I have worked with many pianists and noticed one pattern: I have not worked with any of them for more than 1 year. You will think – what is the reason – he plays, you sing. So why are there so many problems?

Based on my experience, I identified several reasons:

The first was Mark Accompanist – back in 1998 we toured in the former USSR countries. Mark was a terribly unpunctual person. I had to wait for him often during rehearsals. This could not go on forever.

Alexey periodically increased the cost of his services and asked for money in advance. I did not want to increase my expenses for rehearsals, and not many can afford to pay for the services of a pianist every day.

The third example is pianist Max. He did not feel my singing, there were sheer misunderstandings in the music style. We quickly parted.

I singled out these problems for myself that existed between me and my ideal accompanist: punctuality, cost, musical understanding.

I would like to hear if others have similar problems, and perhaps some other problems. Please write in the comment about your experience with accompanists.

In the age of the Internet and new technologies, an idea came to me: Why not have an ideal accompanist in your pocket, or rather, on your mobile phone? How could this “perfect pianist” help me to rehearse when it is convenient for me? How could we avoid the above problems?

So the idea was born to make a mobile application with piano accompaniments, which would be able to control the tempo of the piece, make introductions where I personally needed them and give acceleration / deceleration in certain places in real time.  Fortunately, I did not need to look for an agency to develop such an application. My 30 year old son was engaged in developing web applications, he quickly assembled a team and work began on creating the “perfect pianist”.

As a result, the “ConcertMaster App” was born. You can view the application in the Apple App Store. By installing it, you can feel how comfortable and wonderful it is. We recommend connecting the phone to a Bluetooth speaker to achieve the best sound quality. If you did not find the piece of work you need in the catalog, you can send a request in the application and our team of pianists will record it for you in a shortest possible time.

The “ConcertMaster” application completely replaced the need for an accompanist during rehearsals. Exclusively for HELLO STAGE we will give a promotional code for free use for 7 days to the first 10 people who will comment on this publication. Have a good time and have a happy Christmas!

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