neuma flute quartet

ORIGEN – neuma’s flute quartet first CD

neuma is the combination of four women of markedly diverse characters, that realize they rise when they work together, and decide to commit themselves to an exciting, modern and innovative project.

neuma is the meeting-point for four flautists eager to discover new paths and horizons, each member of equal importance, complementing the others. 

neuma is a flute quartet: an undeniably unique sonority. A dynamic, insatiable chamber group set to get up on stage and reach audiences with close-up and creative performances. 

neuma present ORIGEN, their first album, and its respective mise-en-scene, reaffirming the group’s essence and identity. 

ORIGEN represents the power of roots and it’s shown through the style of playing and the repertoire, featuring contemporary works, original creations for the ensemble (two compositions by a Slovenian composer, one Russian and one French); works related to nature, the wellspring of life.  

Find more about neuma, her concerts and CD at

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