My Mother’s Womb was my First Concert Hall

Born in a music-understanding family in Upper-Austria I came into contact with classical music from birth on. Wrong, that is not really exact! My first concert-hall was my mother’s womb. She was an excellent piano-player with a special love for the works by Franz Schubert. So I listened to these marvellous works before I saw the light of day. Many years later I wondered why I know all these sonatas by Schubert so well without having pressed any white or black key on the piano. Well, I am the last in the family row . I felt free experimenting with different instruments at home: There was the recorder, the guitar, the piano, the violin AND singing. While walking through the rooms of our house I was singing AND  while singing I was walking through the rooms or riding on my tricycle. VERY LOUDLY! Catchable for everybody at home. At six I started playing the violin, on an instrument of my grandfather. I had a private teacher who prepared me for the audition at the music school in Wels . Listen! An audition to be accepted for music lessons. My teacher was a nun. I did not understand at 6 why a nun plays violin. Well, I did the audition great, not with the violin but with the recorder, I changed to after 1,5 years learning violin. At the age of 11 I switched to flute. After three years training by an understandable teacher at the music school I was accepted at the conservatory in Linz, where I had lessons in flute and piano, twice a week . At 18 I tried the audition for the music university in Vienna and I failed. A big shock! After one year private lessons in Vienna I tried again and was accepted. Masterclasses in France and Italy, lessons with Manuela Wiesler (+) and studies at the Royal Academy in London with William Bennet welcomed me totally in the flute-world. Singing and blowing, that was my world.

Elisabeth Möst, Flute

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