Montero Wins Beethoven Prize 2018

The Venezuelan pianist, Gabriela Montero, is the recipient of the Beethoven Prize 2018 for human rights, peace, freedom, fight against poverty, and inclusion. It is the fourth that the prize initiated by the Beethoven Academy will be awarded. The Beethoven Academy was founded in 2016 organizing cultural projects to support humanity, human rights, freedom and inclusion. One of the founders of the academy is pianist Martha Argerich.

Gabriela Montero, an acclaimed pianist, famous for her instant compositions, is also a composer. But most of all she is a true humanist giving a voice to the people of Venezuela suffering under a dictatorial regime. She silently helps many musicians who grew up in the once famous El Sistema which has left many aspiring young people alone and has become more of an international public relation stunt of a faltering regime. Rarely she speaks up publicly for the Venezuelan people who need our help and attention but when she does, it is with clarity and with a focus to end the suffering of so many of her fellow compatriots.  In 2015, she was appointed “Honorary Consul” of Amnesty International, in recognition of her sustained efforts to advocate for human rights in Venezuela.

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