Flute and Piano Duo CD receiving great reviews!

“Friends in Common Time,” featuring Rebecca Jeffreys on flute and Alexander Timofeev on piano, continues to receive positive reviews and radio play in Europe. Gramophone reviewer Donald Rosenburg states “Flautist Rebecca Jeffreys and pianist Alexander Timofeev may not always be ‘Friends in Common Time’ on their new disc, given the various time signatures the eight represented composers employ. But the performances couldn’t be more amiable and intimate, and the musicians appear to savor the opportunity to introduce unknown repertoire that should appeal to listeners beyond the flute-piano world. Jeffreys and Timofeev play with fine sophistication, as is true of everything they touch on this genial and distinctly uncommon recording.” Composers featured on this album hail from all parts of the world including Slovakia, Moldova, Bavaria, France, and the United States with many of these works receiving their premiere recording on this album. Radio stations in the USA, Canada, South America, New Zealand, Africa, and Europe have added the album to their programming. To learn more about Rebecca Jeffreys and her current projects, visit www.rebeccajeffreys.com.

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