Coline-Marie Orliac: My Very 1st Approach to Classical Music – or the Harp

Well … like many others I started playing piano first and only 2 years later did I add the harp. By then, I was 7. The harp … why?! Who the bloody h*ll knows! What I remember is that I was listening over and over to a recording found in my mother’s library that had the Boildieu Harp Concerto. But! The story actually says that I asked my parents to play the harp when I was 3 … Weirdly it just wasn’t possible back then to enter the Paris conservatoire. But! Where it gets more fascinating is that years later I found out that my dead grandfather had offered my grandmother a very ancient and precious harp that one night got pieces after pieces destroyed by a “friend”. Of course it took many many years to get funds from museums and preservation societies to restore the golden lady. But why the harp?! I will always wonder …

Coline-Marie Orliac, Harp

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