Classical Music Goes Streaming

For a long time the digital distribution of music was dominated by pop and rock. And that almost destroyed classical music in the digital age. Why? Well, the focus on pop created a little known problem outside a few enlightened people – the Meta Data Problem. The first one to make me aware of it was serial music entrepreneur Chis McMurtry.

When building up a database all data you put in get’s meta data information. So, when you take a photo today with a smartphone it not only stores the digital image but the location, data, time, camera type and more. The same is true for music files. The meta data for any song would contain the name of the song, the album, the artist, the year, and some more technical information. But that’s not enough for classical music! We want to know the movement, the work, the composer, the conductor, the orchestra, the soloists and so much more… Well that presented a significant problem to the digital distributors of classical music – and sometimes still does.

Because of that but also because of our love for great quality, better presentation and a community the first classical music streaming services started up. Music streaming focused on classical music.

The Amsterdam based Primephonic started already a few years ago but has just undergone a big revamp. It’s services are now available in the USA, UK and the Netherlands. Besides its superior audio quality it offers various search options tailored for classical music. You can easily find your favorite aria sung by five different tenors comparing each interpretation to each other. Or you will discover gems you have never heard before.

For German and European classical music lovers there is Idagio. Very similar to Primephonic it also offers music for your current mood and let’s you discover new music. Idagio works closely together with some leading orchestras in Europe to release recordings of concerts which are not yet released anywhere else.

And if you are a premium customer of Spotify, don’t forget to get a free Grammofy amount! Grammofy is a feature radio service for classical music introducing you to new music, new interpretations, explaining connections and taking you on a discovery of classical music.

Well, these startups know what they are doing. Classical Music is actually gaining listeners in the last few years often attracting new audiences. These services will give even more people great access to classical music.


Author: Bernhard Kerres
Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

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