Miki Aoki releases “Tokyo Story/東京物語”

This recording was made possible by two extraordinary labels King International (Japan) and Profil Hänssler (Germany) allowing me to challenge a sensational project to record the original soundtracks from last 7 films by one of our most respected film directors, Yasujiro Ozu. The original piano manuscripts were discovered by the composer’s son in 2015/16 along side the cassette tape recoding of the composer playing these pieces. The soundtracks also include the music from Ozu’s most popular films, Tokyo Story (1953) and An Autumn Afternoon (1962). In Ozu films humble Japanese family lives are portrayed. There are some scenes that remind me vaguely of my childhood as well and those moments are enhanced by Saito’s music. Saito’s music is nostalgic, much of his music is closer to western style: He mentions in his journal that he loved the music of Schubert, Schumann, Chopin and Debussy. What makes Saito’s music unique is in the tonal romantic style composition style in which he writes, the music is filled with a Japanese flavor which I cannot describe in words. People say we can’t change our roots. After living all these years away from Japan, I am proud of my country’s culture and what has been passed on to us from our older generations. Playing Saito’s music, I am excited to introduce his music and his name to the international audience. Ozu’s films are loved worldwide and as the first pianist to present his original piano scores, I am overwhelmed with excitement. The title Tokyo Story for this CD has two meanings for me. Firstly the film title, but also because I was born in Tokyo. No matter how long I live away from Japan my home is Tokyo and my life story began in Tokyo.


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