The Haydn 1791 Podcast

Our Be Your Own Manager Podcast is well established. Many musicians thinking about their career find it helpful. But there is so much more to say about performing arts and classical music. That’s why we are starting the Haydn 1791 Podcast.

Haydn 1791 is a new network of consultants for the performing arts. Most of them have performed themselves and have a degree of a leading business school. They all share a passion for performing arts and an innovative spirit.

Out of the Haydn 1791 network grew the wish to share some of the thinking and the ideas. A podcast seems the ideal channel for it. The first real episode will be launched on Monday, February 4, 2018. It will have thoughts on ticket pricing, an introducing to composer Florence Price and more.

The Haydn 1791 podcast is available on all popular podcasting platforms. Here are the links:

Pocket Casts
Radio Public

Please share, comment, discuss, contribute and enjoy!

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