The 2018 #classicalbuzz

Whenever a year comes to an end we tend to look backwards and reflect what happened as well as looking forward into the New Year. Well, Dec 31st is just another day and for mathematical reasons we agreed that this would be the last day of any given year im the Western calendar. Nevertheless, the regular exercise of reflection and envisioning sticks with me and I like doing it.

All newspapers and magazines are full with the best stories from 2018, the best photos, concerts, artists etc. But what about the best and most memorable #classicalbuzz? What was the best concert you attended? The best performance you had yourself? The best album you heard?

Let us continue to spread the #classicalbuzz and share with each other the five strongest musical experience each of us had. Add it as a comment here and put it on social media with the hashtag #classicalbuzz and we will happily share it.

Sharing the #classicalbuzz is key to drive appreciation for classical music. So think about what really moved you. I am looking forward to many, many suggestions I would not have come up otherwise.

Happy Holidays from all of us at HELLO STAGE!

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1 thought on “The 2018 #classicalbuzz”

  1. On December 21, 2018, I went to hear The De Pue Brothers’ Band Christmas Concert. There were four brothers who were virtuoso violinist,
    a national champion banjo player, and a national champion guitarist, an incredible double bassist and the percussionist of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Each performer was highlighted during the show. The violinists, were Zachary De Pue, former concertmaster of the Indianapolis Symphony, who sang “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” Jason, a member of the first violin section of the Philadelphia Orchestra, who dared to play “The Dance of the Goblins” in public, Alexander, the two-time world champion fiddler, and Dr. Wallace De Pue Jr., who sang a Swiss mountain Xmas song as a yodeler, the fastest I’ve ever heard!

    The Concert ended with the Bach/Gounod “Ave Maria” with Wallace playing the violin while Alex accompanied him at the piano. How may bands are there who can sing as a quartet or soloist, play several different instruments and perform great “classics,” pop or country music equally well?

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