Detox? Isn’t it all about drinking smoothies, juices, fasting or religious retreats?

Not necessarily, there are many easy steps to detox your body and artistic life this spring without having to fast for weeks. Pick one or more ideas of each area each week to do within the four weeks. Check in after the four weeks to honor your accomplishments if you like.


- Your home, your energy:

What distracts you from relaxing at home? What little things hold you up or frustrate you every day? Change them and re-own your energy with less distraction.
1. Walk around your home and take inventory of all the things that get on your nerves in your daily life. Probably it is the window that doesn’t close any more or the soap that slips into the sink every morning, always running short of toilet paper or whatever it is.
2. Within the next four weeks fix at least four things from your list. Have that window repaired, buy a soap dispenser, buy enough toilet paper for one month.

- Your home as your oasis of bliss:

Do you have a place at home that immediately makes you feel safe and well? How should this place look and feel like? Especially in an unstable artistic life it is important for our well-being to have a place that has a peaceful aura and makes you feel “all is good”.
1. Choose a place in your home that you would like to turn into your rejuvenation corner. If you already have one-you could rearrange it or clean it. What do you need to feel at peace and inspired? Decorate the corner with what makes you feel good. Give it a special touch by adding candles or flowers, scents or your favorite colors, pictures that inspire you. Turn it into an empowerment altar for yourself.

- Your happy wardrobe cleanse:

1. Separate your casual and your work wardrobe. Pick one item from casual and one from work you feel great in and choose at least three items that match it. Hang or place those items in a way to easily reach them and to see them first when you open your wardrobe.
2. From both wardrobes choose the item you least like or doesn’t fit you anymore. Choose three more items that you never wear. Sell, donate or throw them away.

- Your joyfully organized workplace:

1. First take inventory of what needs to be organized and how would you like to organize it. Do you want to organize it in folders, boxes or files? What topics need to be organized? You might need an “action folder” for things to be done, an expenses folder (carry an envelope with you for your business expenses) and scan all the documents, you want to safe. Throw out all the files and papers, you don’t need any longer.

- Ready to travel:

Sometimes we need to quickly pack our things, if you are travelling a lot, you might never really have time to unpack your suitcase. To safe time to focus on more important things, always have a packed suitcase ready.
1. Make a list of the basics, you always need when travelling, including papers and documents, medication, food, artistic equipment. Don’t forget to pack something that makes you feel homely and cheerful. Your personal pillow or pictures.
2. Buy what you need and pack that suitcase. Keep a separate list for the things you need to add last minute, like your mobile phone and laptop.


- Be unavailable and have time for yourself:

We are so used to be available all the time and to check our emails or messages, social media frequently. We are used to google everything, we want to know. It not only distracts us constantly, it also can turn into a time robber.
1. One day a week, turn off your phone (yes, it is possible), your emails, messenger and don’t check your social media accounts. Take a walk instead and notice the nature around. Notice the sounds and colors, the smells. Enjoy.

- Stop multitasking:

Life often forces us to work on several projects at a time to juggle different challenges in separate aspects of our lives. Be brave to cut down multitasking as much as possible. Multitasking can cause us to set too many goals, to focus on too many things and feel frustrated or overwhelmed.
1. Identify your multitasking habit and brainstorm ideas on how to stop. Reserve thirty minutes a day to deal with emergencies or acute problems. This way you are free to focus on the important things first. Only set one goal for the day plus three smaller goals that can be achieved within 30 minutes.
2. Set your daily life schedule with your energy rhythmus. It might sound obvious and yet we often design our life around the meetings, rehearsals or other appointments we have not in synchronicity with our biorhythm. Try to set meetings at the time you are not at your peak (to have to interact with people will naturally wake you up) and set the complicated tasks (like practicing a new piece) at your peak time. Be aware of your needs when you set your schedule rather than always meeting the needs of others.

- Detox your friends:

In order to build lasting friendships and contacts, we have to share our time with our friends. We also should know what we need to feel uplifted and expressed in a relationship. Social media often tricks us into posting and adding more friends to the list while the real friendships somehow disappear. Approach your social media friends as if the friendship matters.
1. Friend check your social media accounts. Looking at your list with this approach in mind will immediately make you know what friends to delete and what friends to keep and intensify.
2. Friend check your offline friends and plan friend time with the ones to keep.


- Simple Detox:

Fasting for four weeks while having to work can be a frustrating and exhausting experience, there still are simple things that can help your body to detoxify without fasting.
1. Stinging nettle tea or capsules rebalance the acid-base metabolism, detoxify your bladder, the skin, the digestive system, the kidneys and help to re-mineralize the body.
2. Klinoptilolith and curcuma capsules detoxify your digestive system and your liver. Klinoptilolith binds heavy metals, environmental toxins and toxins from your body. Curcuma boosts the liver to discharge more gall and thus promotes detoxification (both products can be ordered from Dr. Ehrenberger Naturprodukte).
3. The easiest way to detox is to cut down or skip caffeine, sugar, preprocessed foods and alcohol for four weeks. Drink green day and sweeten with maple syrup instead.

- Make your healthy readymade food:

Especially when we have a busy schedule and are too tired to crap something healthy at whole foods, it is great to have a freezer packed with meals.
1. Choose 4 recipes that you like or search the internet for ideas. Jamie Oliver provides tons of delicious recipes for meals to prepare within 15 minutes on his website. Make a shopping list and shop.
2. Whenever you have free time, cook as many servings of the dishes as you want to have and freeze them. This way it will be easy to skip junk food and readymade stuff for four weeks. One detox recipe I like is to poach red beet root and fennel. Finely slice red beet root and fennel, add one grated apple and orange fillets. Season with lemon juice, maple syrup and salt and pepper.

- Quick fast:

Instead of fasting for continuous four weeks, skip dinner once a week or fast for one day. Your body will benefit even from short fasts.

- Celebrate your meals:

Make it a habit to sit down at a table, create a mobile phone and tv free zone, and slowly and joyfully eat your meal without distractions.


The artistic detox is all about letting go of artistic habits that no longer serve us and creating space for new experiences.

- Reading detox:

One day a week, neither read a book nor emails or other messages. This also includes not to read music sheets. It might sound impossible to do and yet it will be surprising how your senses will sharpen.

- Artistic inventory:

1. Draw a circle. Separate the circle into four sections. The first section is for relationships. The second for creative and new projects. The third is for what you love about your career. The fourth is about your positive qualities. Now within the circle write or draw all the supportive names, wishes and dreams, positive experiences and your best qualities. Outside the circle write the things and people that you feel no longer support this. Write what qualities within you stop you from achieving the wishes and dreams.
2. Begin to play with focusing more on the things that help you grow rather on the things that do not support you.

- Create room for your creativity:

1. Choose an artistic expression you are not used to express yourself in like painting or writing.
2. Now choose a piece of music, you know and love. Express this music by drawing, dancing or writing. What insights did you gain? How did it feel?
3. How could this experience enhance your musical performance?

- Learn something new:

To learn a new skill takes you out of your blueprint and thus allows you to rediscover or discover a new quality about yourself and broadens your expression. What different professions would you like to occupy if you could? Choose at least four professions and train in them (if you don’t have the time or means to do a course, just practice with a free online video training). Allow yourself to have fun and if you prefer to learn a new language or chess rather than experimenting with a new profession, enroll for a course. In case you are in the middle of demanding rehearsals, at least, try to take an hour off and do something that you would normally not do.


All of the following tips are easy to follow and incorporate into your daily routine. The goal is to quiet the mind, de-stress and boost your metabolism:

- Boost your blood circulation

It is no news that all our cells, body systems and organs benefit from an improved blood circulation.
1. Shake. Shake your arms, head, spine, legs. Shake your whole body until you feel you are getting warm. Tap your face and chest.
2. Hot and cold showers. Always begin with warm water and end with cold water. Begin with thirty seconds of warm water shower, followed by thirty seconds of cold water and repeat three times.
3. Brush massage. Always begin with brushing your right leg. Stroke from your feed upwards. You may strike in short brushes or long ones and work your whole leg. Change to the left leg. The right arm, again stroking up from your wrists to your shoulders and neck. Change to your left arm. Circular brushes on your stomach. Should you not own a body brush, simply use a towel washed without clothing softener.
4. Warm liver wrap. Soak a small towel with hot salted water and place it on your right upper abdomen. Put a hot water bottle on the towel and rest for 20 to 30 minutes.

- Cleanse and relax your body:

1. Either treat yourself to a visit a sauna or hammam or take a warm bath at home. Do not use synthetic bath soaps. Rather use a natural bath salt or mix lavender oil with a spoon of honey and a cup of milk and add to the hot water. Bath for 15 minutes (without reading or other distractions). Prepare bath towels, socks and bathrobe prior to your bath. Don’t tap yourself try when you step out of the bath and immediately wrap yourself in the towels, put on the socks and slip into your bathrobe. Now rest in your bed for at least 10 minutes and allow yourself to relax and dream.
2. Foot bath. Again, avoid synthetic ingredients and rather add sea salt to the hot water. While foot bathing, allow your mind to quiet and relax. Immediately wrap your feed in socks and towel after the bath. Allow yourself to rest for 10 minutes.
3. One day a week stay away from make up, face and body creams. Allow your skin to breath and naturally nurture itself.

- Move with awareness:

1. Awareness walk: Take off your shoes and socks or stockings. Walk as slowly as you can and notice your movement, notice how your feet feel on the floor. Allow the environment to “fall into your vision”. Keep your awareness on your body and on noticing the sensations without judging. Keep walking and name, whatever you see differently. The table might be a chair, the window a carpet. Shout whatever comes to your mind at the object.
2. Take a walk along a stream.
3. Choose a Qi Gong video and follow the instructions. At least, qi gong for ten minutes.

- Meditate:

1. Awareness breathing: sit upright on a chair or the floor and simply watch your breath to flow in and out. If your mind wanders off, calmly bring your focus back to your breath. Notice how it slows and deepens. Online you can find many guides breathing meditations or apps.
2. Create a mandala. Either chose a mandala template to color or draw from free online sources or draw one from your own inspiration and then color it.

Claudia Kohl is an artist, Alexander Technique coach, designer and author. She is the founder of The Artists Coaching in Berlin, a studio dedicated to support artists in their creative, artistic process as well as life. She has helped singers, musicians, actors, dancers and circus artists, to build a healthy and inspired carrier. Claudia likes to work with artists suffering from anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, chronic pain, burnout or artists with the courage to start something new. She comes from a background of theatre and dance before studying the Alexander Technique and developing her own method with the artists of the famous Cirque du Soleil. As a nomad and curious soul she has traveled and experienced more than most people do in their lifetime. She believes that art is what we are and that it is our responsibility to make the world a better place. She is known for her down to earth, loving and highly inspired, engaging approach to coaching. Claudia’s insights inspire audiences around the world through her monthly “Inspiration” newsletter and online coaching. For artists in Berlin, besides one on one sessions, she offers weekly Bohemian Brunches and Artistic Vision Quests.
Author: Claudia Kohl
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