Four Strong Individuals Becoming One Quartet - Modulus Quartet

Four strong individuals focus on playing contemporary music - meet the Modulus Quartet. They are currently crowdfunding their first album 12 Seconds of Light.

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Modulus Quartet
Jonathan Truscott - 1st violin (JT)
Craig Stratton - 2nd violin (CS)
Mircea Belei - viola (MB)
Nicholas Allen - cello (NA)

1. We all know HELLO STAGE’s favorite color! What is yours?

JT: Green.
CS: Blue or Green. I was never able to decide.
MB: Natural green.
NA: Orange, of course! I love bright bold colours.

2. What is the best advice a teacher or mentor has ever given you?

JT: Last violin lesson at college my teacher said 'now you can really begin your education...'
CS: Be patient.
MB: No matter where you play or what you play for, itʼs all about giving your best to the audience. Are you disappointed you had only 3 people in the public? (I never had!:-) Sooner or later youʼll get what you give.
NA: Look after every note that you play, particularly upbeats.

3. How has practicing changed for you over time?

JT: Once you have kids you have to condense the time spent.
CS: There arenʼt as many hours in the day as there were when one was a student, so practice has become more efficient.
MB: It is shorter, the awareness has changed in a good way.
NA: I have to be a lot more efficient with my time whilst practicing as there just arenʼt enough hours in the day.

4. How much time do you spend on the business side of your career every day?

JT: Not enough!
CS: At the moment it can vary between to 2 or 3 hours per day depending if the computer is in the right mood.
MB: Approximately 2 hours, it depends on what I am preparing for. If I do editing the day could reach 48 hours...
NA: This varies greatly but on average at least 2 hours a day. A lot of this is at the computer, but sometimes I will be thinking about stuff whilst out running ready to write down when I get back to my desk.

5. What is the most important trait of a successful artist in today’s world?

JT: One that remains true to their art.
CS: An artist has to adapt, broaden his or her creative horizons and use social media to its full.
MB: Having (or being) a very good manager... God? :-)
NA: You need to be able to turn your hand to everything, both artistically and managerially. I would call myself a portfolio musician, doing a range of different things – chamber music, recordings, theatre, teaching, and writing and arranging. Thereʼs never a dull moment and you get to work with lots of interesting people.

6. Coffee or tea? And your most favorite place for it?

JT: Coffee for breakfast at home.
CS: Tea (with milk and without the tea bag left in it). Definitely whilst sprawled on my sofa.
MB: I like Earl Grey tea, but I usually drink coffee. I miss drinking frappé in Graz, at Condorʼs.
NA: Black coffee. Sitting outside on a warm summers day morning. When Iʼm at home this would be in my garden. If Iʼm away, on a terrace or balcony overlooking where Iʼm staying.

7. The next project/concert/event you are really looking forward to?

JT: Modulus' performance at Worth Abbey next Sunday....
CS: Modulus 12 Seconds of Light Tour, 2017.
MB: Touring with Sting :-) ...ups, Recording and touring our first album 12 Seconds of Light, of course!
NA: Recording and then touring our album 12 Seconds of Light.

Modulus Quartet champions a diverse range of music by living composers. Drawing on its collective experience, the quartet seeks out music of an individual style, developing creative relationships with composers and artists. The quartet explores new ways of presenting music, performing in unusual venues and incorporating visual arts and multi-media technology. Modulus are currently collaborating with composers Richard Norris, Eliot Short, Terry Davies, Ash Madni, and Matthew Slater for their debut album, scheduled for release in November. They are also working with the Charlie Pyne Jazz Quartet under the name Plank creating original compositions for octet. Plank are working with composer Terry Davies on a live score for Man Ray's silent film Les Mysteres du Chateau du De. Modulus are also one of a handful of quartets in the world trained in the extraordinary techniques of spectral music. They regularly perform with the ground breaking Hyperion Ensemble, founded by Romanian composers Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram.

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