An Ambassador for Latin American Music

Meet Federico Palacios, the clarinetist from Uruguai living in France.

1. We all know HELLO STAGE’s favorite color! What is yours?

Blue… But it changes with my mood, and with people with whom I walk around, places…

2. What is the best advice a teacher or mentor has ever given you?

All my teachers gave me a lot of important advice. Once someone told me that if I couldn’t play something it was just because I couldn’t foresee it inside my mind. Once the image of the problem was solved inside my mind I would be able to play it. But the most important advice someone ever gave me was «Take time to rest…» I was studying with an old teacher in Uruguay. Suddenly his brother, who is not a musician, interrupts us in the classroom to say something to his sister (my teacher). When he finished he looked at me and he told me, «What you play is awesome, but do you know that you have to rest? To know how and when to rest is crucial in your studies…» He closed the door and he left. It was the first and the last time I saw him.

3. How has practicing changed for you over time?

Well, when I was student I was much more focused on the technique and the possibilities of my instrument. Today I expend much more time trying to imagine my colors, expressions, the different ways to communicate what I want to say about the message the composer wanted or wants to transmit.

4. How much time do you spend on the business side of your career every day?

I spend a minimum of one hour per day. But I can spend 6 or more hours (per day) on the organisation of my projects, depending on the volume of activities.

5. What is the most important trait of a successful artist in today’s world?

I think that today’s artists must think much more about his or her environment, surroundings and society. Of cours he or she must look for his music or being authentic on what he do. But the society, the world in which we live is full of opportunities. We must adapt ourselves to it.

6. Coffee or tea? And your most favorite place for it?

But I drink much more coffee… The thing is that my favorite drink is Mate, a kind of tea people drink in Uruguay, Argentina and the South of Brazil. And I love to drink it in the morning, at home.

7. The next project/concert/event you are really looking forward to?

I would like to make chamber music concerts with Latin American contemporary composers in every world capital. Paris, New York (yes, I know, it’s not EEUU’s capital), Berlin, London, Rome, Vienna, Tokyo… I think there are a lot of new Latin American brilliant composers that are not yet known in the rest of the world but they’re as great as the greatest composers ever existed.

Federico Palacios is a passionate soloist and chamber musician moving through different styles and genres. He plays classical and contemporary music, freestyle improvisations and traditional music. He has a great interest in composers from Latin America.

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