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Can you play Chopin? Any pianist would say yes, but on the harp? Harpist Coline-Marie Orliac loves the music of Frederic Chopin. She sees no reason not to play it on her instrument. And so she is about to show us all by recording her album "Harpistically Yours, Chopin".

1. We all know HELLO STAGE’s favorite color! What is yours?

Today, rosy peach! Tomorrow … we shall see!

2. What is the best advice a teacher or mentor has ever given you?

It comes from the person who probably loves me the most, and he often repeats it: “Play with your heart and be who you are! You are Coline-Marie Orliac.” One tends to forget what one takes for granted. And sometimes the easiest words are the most meaningful ones, they have a direct reach to your heart and soul.

3. How has practicing changed for you over time?

I am a bit of a perfectionist and younger I used to practice hours and hours to reach this “perfection” until one day, the day I came back from a competition held in Paris. A famous harpist went to my mother, astonished by my playing “It was so perfect that I thought it was a recording”. In fact, it was that perfect. I could play those pieces at any time of the day, or the night, on a Monday or a Thursday and those pieces were always the same. How boring! From that day on, I gave up playing spotless and started living the moment. It does have some bad sides, but it has so many more good ones to offer!

4. How much time do you spend on the business side of your career every day?

Depending on what I have coming up, time can vary. But I can say that it is 1 hour minimum, no matter what.

PS: Does this question include social media? Let’s double it!

5. What is the most important trait of a successful artist in today’s world?

In today’s world a successful artist must have it all! One must be a musical prodigy, one must have charisma – on stage and backstage, one must have incredible social skills … The list is long, to the point that it is to be wondered whether a human being can fit them all into one single persona. Today I cannot tell you one most important trait. A successful artist must really have it all.

6. Coffee or tea? And your most favorite place for it?

Definitely coffee, but the real coffee! The espresso. And in terms of places, I have two favorite places depending on how practical it is. The first one is the Gran Caffè Gambrinus in Naples, the other one is home.

7. The next project/concert/event you are really looking forward to?

There are no words to express my passion for this upcoming event. In December I will record my very first album: “Harpistically Yours, Chopin”. It is my signature project, it is me from the beginning to the end and I am very grateful to have found my “voice” at 26 years old!

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The brilliant young French musician Coline-Marie Orliac has already achieved international acclaim and wide-spread recognition as an accomplished artist of prodigious talents. Slovenian newspaper, Dnevnik, applauds her “determination and awe-inspiring musicality.” The Philadelphia City Paper raves on “a recent live performance… that displayed textures so vivid that the music seems physically palpable.” The Philadelphia Inquirer concludes, “One doesn't think of the harp as a passion-accommodating instrument, but as played by Coline-Marie Orliac, it is.”

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