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The new season started so it is time to continue our ORANGE TWIST interview series! We start the new season with the trombonist Peter Steiner who is playing in the orchestra of the Vienna Stateopera and the Vienna Philharmonic this season. He has also just recorded his first CD which is coming out on the HELLO STAGE Label in January 2017!

1. We all know HELLO STAGE’s favorite color! What is yours?

I never really had a favorite color, but these days I seem to like orange; just look at my cover art. ;)

2. What is the best advice a teacher or mentor has ever given you?

Don’t be afraid to be great!

3. How has practicing changed for you over time?

Before studying at Juilliard, I never really enjoyed practicing for long intervals, and was still able to play a lot of projects without an organized practice routine. When I started my studies at Juilliard, my practice habits changed drastically and I started to spend most of the day with my trombone. This wasn't very healthy for my body, but also was not shaping me as a musician. However, it helped me to figure out the trombone aspect of trombone playing. These days I practice probably less than I used to, but I always try to do 45 minute sessions at a time. Studies say that the human brain can work a maximum of 45 minutes on high focus. After those 45 minutes your brain function is less efficient, so I take a short break afterwards. I also try to work on both musical and technical aspects of my playing every day, rather than focusing on just one.

4. How much time do you spend on the business side of your career every day?

I never used to think about that aspect of my career but recently it has become important to me, especially now that my first CD will be released soon. I would say I spend an average of one hour a day on just the business side of my career.

5. What is the most important trait of a successful artist in today’s world?

Be a well-rounded artist. In order to be a successful artist these days, one needs not only to be great on his or her instrument, but also to be unique, to have a great stage presence, to know how to market him or herself, to choose the right repertoire, to have good business connections, to be good at socializing, and much more.

6. Coffee or tea? And your most favorite place for it?

Neither. I don’t drink coffee, and never really cared much for tea either. My "go-to" drink always used to be Coca Cola... but it seems to have switched to Mango juice these days. I order it all the time now ;)

7. The next project/concert/event you are really looking forward to?

I have two upcoming projects I am really looking forward to. First is the Japan Tour with the Vienna Philharmonic. I get to play some of my favorite symphonic repertoire, visit Japan, play in great concert halls, and play with this wonderful orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta. The second project I am really looking forward tp is a solo concert series in November with the Tiroler Kammerochester InnStrumenti, during which we will be premiering the chamber music version of "Visions of Light" by Eric Ewazen.

Peter Steiner calls himself as a European Soul with an American Spirit. Born in South Tyrol, Italy, Peter studied at the famous Juilliard School in New York. In 2016/17 he is playing with the Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic. In January 2017 his first CD "UNITED" will be relead" on the HELLO STAGE Label.

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