Ready to Pack Your Bags? - Your Healthy Travel Kit

Frequent travelers, as most musicians and singers are, usually know exactly what to pack, what legal documents and cloths to bring with them. What over the counter or prescribed medicine they might need. They know how to best travel with their instruments…
As a frequent traveler myself, I would like to share some of my natural alternatives that have proofed to work best for me. I am not a medical doctor, so the emphasis is on the “natural”.

When travelling you want to boost your immune system to deal with the stress, jet lag, different food and all the other challenges.

What I always bring with me is a huge cardigan (wool, silk, cotton mixture). The knit is light weight and fluffy. It works as a cardigan (of course), as my blanket or pillow. I really recommend to buy such a versatile piece for yourself.

A massage ball with spikes is also a versatile, little helper. It can help relieve stress and to relax the muscles while travelling. I massage everything from my feed to my scalp with it. Squeeze it in your hand, when you feel overwhelmed.

1000mg VITAMIN C

1000mg Vitamin C from natural ingredients like Acerola are the best boost to your immune system. Stay away from artificial resources of Vitamin C like ascorbic acid. Natural Vitamin C will not affect your kidneys. You may take as many as you feel good with. It still is a good idea to drink as much water as you want, since this also helps detox and keep your immune system healthy.


A natural Vitamin B complex, like from Quinoa, should combine Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12. Vitamin B provides your nervous system with what it needs to function properly (it also helps when you pinch or jam a nerve) and boosts your immune system.

VITAMIN D3 & K oil

Vitamin D3 oil to be swallowed (the body needs oil to help absorb the vitamin) is essential to your overall well being, your bones, hormones and immune system. Since, when travelling, you might not get enough exposure to natural morning sunlight, to take Vitamin D3 can be a good idea. Try to catch as much morning sunlight as possible when travelling and you will less suffer from jet lag. Sunscreen prevents the intake of this essential vitamin as well.


Magnesium is better absorbed by the skin than it is through your digestive system. To spray yourself with Magnesium while travelling or during rehearsals or whenever you are sweating can help prevent muscle cramps and soreness. The oil might tingle a little bit on the skin for the first couple of seconds. It should pass quickly and not leave the skin irritated.


MSM is a natural sulfur compound and as such a food supplement and not a medical product. I use MSM to fight inflammations and pain. I use it for headaches, toothaches, joint problems, allergies and inflammations of the mucosa. This is just my positive experience. Please google yourself or ask your natural therapist if you would like to know more about its benefits.


Nux Vomica D6 is a homeopathic dilution and aids with stomach problems, nausea from travelling, overeating, too much alcohol and also helps deal with migraine and weather sensitivity or climate changes. 5 drops, 3 times a day or whenever needed, should be of benefit.


Lavender oil (Weleda Relaxation Lavender Oil) is cooling and calming. It can also relieve headaches when applied to your temples. Lavender may calm irritated skin or sunburns (don’t apply before sunbathing as it makes your skin more sensitive). Rub yourself at night with Lavender oil and you will sleep calmly which can be welcome when suffering from jet lag. Apply it to your wrists or the soles of your feed when you feel overheated or stressed.


Peppermint oil is another “cooler”. Taken internally it relieves stomach cramps. Applied to the skin it relaxes and boosts the blood flow. For headache relieve apply it to your temples. To unblock your nose just smell it or apply a tiny, little bit around your nostrils. Whenever tired or exhausted, I put a little of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and place it near me. This could be done during a long rehearsal or a long car drive.


For those who have a hard time falling asleep in hotel rooms or when jet lagged, try Valeriana capsules. This natural sleeping aid does not have any side effects. Since it is a natural remedy only you might want to also use lavender oil and some calming music in combination.


Traumeel comes as a cream, tablets or drops. It is a homeopathic compound of highly effective ingredients such as calendula, arnica, hamamelis, echinacea, chamomilla, aconitum and some other. It is my number one treatment for sprains, bruises, broken bones (after medical treatment), swellings and inflammatory processes of the body like arthritis, tennis elbow, paradontitis or bursitis.

I take the cream with me wherever I go. The tablets can be taken in addition or when an inflammation like bursitis is diagnosed. (They can also be taken prior to dental treatments or operations involving the bones like a hip replacement.) Please consult your homeopath to gain more information.

Before taking homeopathy it is always good to check the ingredients before, in case you are allergic to some.


The best prevention is to keep your digestive system healthy. I know that some swear that probiotics do them good and help a natural balance of bacteria. Others just get bloated because they might need different things to keep their digestive system healthy.

I recommend that you keep the mucosa of your digestive system healthy and some of the other problems might not occur. Learn an abdominal massage like Chi Nei Tsang.

In Germany there is an old home remedy called “Ballistol” oil available. It aids digestion and heals the mucosa. It can be taken internally and applied on the skin. Ballistol contains peppermint oil and some other ingredients that aid your digestive system.

Silicea D6 homepathic remedy heals the skin, bones and the mucosa (of the digestive system).

Aloe Vera drinking gel (natural) or coconut water moistures the mucosa. Calendula or common mallow tea, heal the mucosa as well and prevent inflammations.

For those suffering from a functional bowel problem when travelling to bring psyllium husk powder is a good idea. The white powder helps stop diarrhea while the brown husk aids bowel movement and prevents constipation.

Again, I am recommending two more products by Heel (they also produce Traumeel), not because I am being payed anything but because they work so fantastically. Diarrheel works naturally to stop Diarrhoe quickly. Vomitusheel stops the urge to vomit.


Keep your mucosa moisturized. Spray the aqua face sprays that are so in fashion, it really helps. Spray your eyes with eyes spray. Use Zendium toothpaste to boost the immune system of your mouth. Use aloe, colostrum or sea water nose sprays. Use hydrating mouth sprays. Drink bottled water. Spray, spray, spray! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Claudia Kohl is an artist, Alexander Technique coach, designer and author. She is the founder of The Artists Coaching in Berlin, a studio dedicated to support artists in their creative, artistic process as well as life. She has helped singers, musicians, actors, dancers and circus artists, to build a healthy and inspired carrier. Claudia likes to work with artists suffering from anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, chronic pain, burnout or artists with the courage to start something new. She comes from a background of theatre and dance before studying the Alexander Technique and developing her own method with the artists of the famous Cirque du Soleil. As a nomad and curious soul she has traveled and experienced more than most people do in their lifetime. She believes that art is what we are and that it is our responsibility to make the world a better place. She is known for her down to earth, loving and highly inspired, engaging approach to coaching. Claudia’s insights inspire audiences around the world through her monthly “Inspiration” newsletter and online coaching. For artists in Berlin, besides one on one sessions, she offers weekly Bohemian Brunches and Artistic Vision Quests.
Author: Claudia Kohl
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