Meet the Duo You Never Expected to Exist - Duo Aliada

This is not the normal duo of two great musicians getting together to make music. These are two musicians constantly challenging themselves, reinventing music never written for their instruments, and creating an amazing musical energy. Welcome to the musical world of the Duo Aliada - saxopohonist Michal Knot and accordionist Bogdan Laketic.
Founded in 2013 they already play 70 concerts a year. Some of these concerts are in major venues including the Teatro del Lago, the Hermitage Theatre, and the Musikverein in Vienna. On October 20th they will celebrate their debut at Carnegie Hall. So mark your diaries! And all that without a manager… They put a lot of effort in convincing promoters of their rather untypical instruments. Once they performed they always get re-invited. Not surprising when you saw them or listened to their music.

Their repertoire spans from Bach, Handel, to Bartok, Debussy into contemporary music and arrangements. Their arrangements are done carefully to capture the essence of the music and the intentions of the composer rather than looking for superficial effects.

Register as their fan and see them at their upcoming concerts! fans.hellostage.com/DUO-ALIADA

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