A Chamber Music Feast - Summer festivals Part VII

The North (of Germany … but not only!) has embraced on a chamber music extravaganza this summer with lots of HELLO STAGErs being part of the mix. At the Schleswig-Holstein Musik-Festival our power duo und founding members Igudesman & Joo are going to make sure that »Mozart will Survive« next week when stopping in Lübeck and Norderstedt whereas Nicolas Altstaedt teamed up with Magali Mosnier and Nicholas Angelich to celebrate Trios and Sonatas last month.
But the real hot spot for us is the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival! One of their trademarks is the „Junge Elite“, i.e. discovering amazing soloists very early on in their careers and giving them a platform to grow. Looking at the alumni list of wonderful musicians over the years it is a real who is who of the stars of the concert halls now.

This year’s selection includes the Signum Saxophon Quartett, the Jubilee quartet, and the two violinists Alexandra Soumnn and Jonian-Ilias Kadesha who are both joint by their piano partners for lots of violin recital fun!

Slightly more unusual Verena Karner and Dominik Wagner team up with their pianist Aurelia Viosvany for chamber music for clarinet, doublebass and piano by Beethoven, Chaet, Wassa, Breinschmid, Wagner and Bottesini.

One of the former members of the Junge Elite is Viviane Hagner, who by now has her own festival in Kreisau. They also add a tour of other festivals to the busy festival agenda bringing together young and established chamber musicians. One of the stops is in her „old“ home in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Amongst the chamber musicians in her toe is the winner of the Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Soloists Pablo Barragàn.

Tamas Palfalvi is joining a rather another unusual trio set up for a trio to celebrate his WEGMA Soloist prize 2015 given to him by the festival. You will be able to hear a mixture of Gershwin, Barber and Bartok in Grabow later this month.

In case you miss the Trio Karénine and their prizewinners concert in early August you can still go back up north in December where they will join the festival’s former Intendant Matthias von Hülsen for an evening with excerpts from Tolstoi’s „Anna Karenina“ paired with Shostakovitch and Dvorak.

Tianwa Yang is joining two of her friends for some more piano trio fun in Schloss Schwiessel and the Busch Trio was part of a whole day of celebrations in Wismar already at the end of June. Runge & Ammon as well as accordionist Martians Levickis are part of a fun fair afternoon the festival was hosting in Stolpe.

But it probably is Vilde Frang and her bunch of friends who are the busiest this summer playing a whole lot of chamber music concerts all over Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Amongst them clarinetists Reto Bieri and Matthias Schorn and violinist Andrej Bielow. Her other violinist partner in crime was Daniel Röhn who joint her for a Brahms, Mendelssohn, Schubert and Enescu extravaganza split over a series of several concerts.

The Belcea Quartet is not only to be found in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, they too are returning to one of their resident homes in Aldeburgh where also the Kelemen Quartet can be found amongst the visiting artists, after they perform up to the Edinburgh Festival where they are joint by Andreas Ottensamer for both the Mozart and Brahms Quintets.

Looking North we of course need to also revisit the Pärnu Music Festival where we found lots of chamber music going on next to the focus on the young conductors and festival orchestras. Amongst the busy chamber musicians were HELLO STAGErs Mari Adachi, Jonathan Bloxham with his cello hat on (to us he is better known as a conductor) outstanding harpist Jana Bouškova, Florian Donderer and Alec Frank-Gemmill (both also amongst the conductors of the festival), Triin Ruubel and Cristina Basile.
Author: Bettina Mehne
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