A Violinist Introduces Himself - Yury Revich

What should a young artist actually record on one of his first albums? The young Russian violinist Yury Revich took a very personal path on a label which cannot be compared to any other. Odradek sees itself even after four years and many great releases as a project instead of a label. It is a truly label for artists. Instead of the usual Artist & Repertoire team scouting for talent, any musician can propose a project – completely anonymously. Odradek is a democratic, artist-controlled, non-profit cooperative. Music lovers are well advised to check it out!
But let us get back to violinist Yury Revich. Born in Russia he first studied there before moving to Vienna. He is no stranger to many of the most famous concert halls but he does not stop there. With great entrepreneurial spirit he founded a concert series in Vienna – “Friday Nights with Yury Revich”. His creative energy sometimes steers him towards paining in filmmaking. One is not surprised to see other artistic elements including fashion, photo exhibitions and other music genres included in the concerts he programs for his series.

His recording “Steps Through the Centuries” is a potpourri of music for violin. Unsurprisingly it contains works by Paganini, Sarasate and Kreisler. But it was the Strauss and Schubert song adaptations which caught our eyes. And we were especially fascinated by Richard Strauss “Morgen” sang by the amazing young soprano Bibiana Nwobilo.

Enjoy and register as fan of Yury Revich and Bibiana Nwobilo!

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