Never Missing a Beat - Meet Martin Grubinger

He never envisioned his career at the backend of an orchestra. He loved percussion since he was a child and always thought that percussion deserved a similar place in orchestra literature like violins, pianos and so many other solo instruments. Inspired by the great percussionist and composer Bruno Hartl and many others, Martin Grubinger went out to revolutionize the perception of percussion in today’s classical music.
Today he is among the young super stars. He plays with all the leading orchestras – be it the Vienna Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic, Gewandhaus Leipzig and so many others. Contemporary composers write one concert after the other for him and the young percussionists following in his footsteps. The concertos of Friedrich Cerha, John Corigiliano, Avner Dorman, Tan Dun, Peter Eötvös – to name just a few – are often frantically received by audience around the globe. Yes, it is contemporary music and audiences still love it.

Martin also loves playing with other percussionists. He founded the Percussive Planet Ensemble with whom he is currently touring in China. Their repertoire spans from Iannis Xenakis to the Sting. A DVD documents one of their earilier programs.

Sharing his passion for music is important to Martin. He is therefore also a terrific host of the classical music TV show KlickKlack in the Bavarian Television.

Become a fan of Martin Grubinger and never miss another concert!

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