IAMA Member Profile - Bernhard Kerres, Hello Stage

The International Artist Managers' Association (IAMA) invited our Founder and CEO, Bernhard Kerres, for an interview to introduce HELLO STAGE and him to the IAMA members. IAMA is the only worldwide association for classical music artist managements. It is dedicated to serving all its members' needs including Affiliate and Group members and it strives to raise professional standards in the business of music. HELLO STAGE is a proud member of IAMA.
1. What steps has your career taken to lead you to your present position?
My career was never on a straight line but rather wandering around classical music and technology. Combining both in HELLO STAGE, the largest online platform for classical musicians, is a natural but also fantastic culmination of my path so far. I started off as an opera singer and enjoyed using my trained voice later in board meetings when running tech companies with USD$ 250+ M turnover. After ten years in tech I was happy to return to the heart of classical music when I was appointed CEO and Artistic Director of the Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna Concert House). HELLO STAGE was founded in 2013 seeing the gap between classical music and tech and believing strongly that our community can use tech efficiency and a bit of a digital revolution.

2. What inspires you most about your work?
Meeting young artists and seeing new projects around the world. I am amazed by the creative talent and the immense quality of artistic projects. It is a delight to be involved in many of them - be it the Insomnia recording by pianist Maria Radutu which was recently released on Decca or supporting flutist Emi Ferguson in exploring the musical parallels of renaissance music and pop music.

3. What are the greatest challenges that you think the music world faces?
We have too many dinosaurs. There are too many people in the music industry who want to work like we did for the last 200 years and who do not want to innovate. There are also too many people who bad-mouth classical music and always speak about the decline. Classical music is very much alive - often in different and new ways than we know. If we start working together, sharing our passion, using technology we are in the best market anyone can imagine: We have more content available often rights-free than all media companies in the world combined, and we have the best and most interested audiences for our products.

4. Is there a highlight in the coming year you wish to share with members?
For us, at HELLO STAGE, there is not one highlight a year - its often several a day :) One highlight I am looking forward to is to have the first HELLO STAGE concert in Vienna on Dec 9, 2016 with the Alauda Quartet and pianist Antonio Piricone .

And... what would you never travel without on a business trip?
I would never travel without my iPhone on any trip - private or business. With it, I can always find great concerts of our HELLO STAGE artists on fans.hellostage.com anywhere around the world. And it has enough music on it to get my going for weeks without a break.
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