Meet Counter Tenor Fernando Escalona

Our artist of the week comes from a wonderful country which has been ridden by corruption, crime and murder – Venezuela. We are happy and proud to present the young counter-tenor, Fernando Escalona. He is one of many talented young musicians from Venezuela who have worked hard on their career against all odds. Many of them have been kidnapped, and robbed. Some of them have been shot. They lost their friends who were killed in open daylight. But they still went on to make music believing that music can bring positive change to their country and the world.
Fernando studied in Caracas with the great teacher Margot Parés-Reyna, a wonderful soprano herself, who has devoted much of her life teaching the singing talent in Venezuela. Among his teachers were Laura Claycomb, Michael Pinkerton, Gerald Wirth, Gregor Rot, Renée Morloc, Cybele Gouverneur, Markus Marquardt, Yves Sotin, and Isabel Palacios. He also worked with our founder, Bernhard Kerres, who started his own career as an opera singer.

Fernando has been admitted to the prestigious Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles with a full scholarship starting in September 2016. He is now raising the money to buy his airplane ticket to go to France. Please do support him here.
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