Meet Conductor Donato Cabrera

We are proud to present Maestro Donato Cabrera as our latest Artist of the Week. When looking for our Artists of the Week we always look for this special edge, for the bit that is surprising us. We have followed Donato Cabrera’s career with great joy since the beginning of HELLO STAGE as he was one of our first members. We were proud when he was appointed as Music Director of the Las Vegas Philharmonic. It was a great addition to his portfolio as Resident Conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra and the California Symphony.
But it was his programming for the Las Vegas Philharmonic which really caught our eye. Las Vegas is not necessarily renown as the center of classical music. But the subscription concerts of the Las Vegas Philharmonic pride themselves with a lot of contemporary music – something many marketers in today’s classical music world shy away from. For Donato Cabrera and the Las Vegas Philharmonic is playing contemporary music besides Mozart, Haydn, Dvorak and others just another part of their DNA. From what we hear the audiences in Las Vegas love it. The Las Vegas Philharmonic was actually able to increase its subscription sales with this ambitious programming.

Donato Cabrera has a long-standing passion for classical music. He was one of the founding members of the American Contemporary Music Ensemble. His career not only brought him to the East Coast but also to Europe and to Latin America. He was a Herbert von Karajan Conducting Fellow at the Salzburg Festival. He conducted opera and concerts in Spain, Mexico, Chile and many other places. In 2015 he conducted the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for the first time.

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