The Feast of Duos: Crowdfunder by Igudesman & Joo

We were lucky to sit down with Igudesman & joo and talk about their crowdfunding campaign for their most unconventional competition, The Feast of Duos, where the loser takes it all at the renound Sion Festival in Switzerland...

"For it’s 50th anniversary the famous Sion Festival in Switzerland and it’s artistic director Pavel Vernikov payed homage to the great Duos with an original contest open to violinists and pianists aged between 8 and 88 regardless of nationality or gender – and we were there to film it all. This is a side of classical music that we PROMISE you have not seen before! "...

With these words, our founding members, Igudesman & Joo , launched their corwdfunding campaign for a very unique project - they are taking classical music to new heights and producing a Web Series on the Feast of Duos - complete with the behind the scenes, spoofs and an entirely different side of classical music that people are most definitely not used to seeing. We can't wait to watch it!

Anyone who has seen Igudesman & Joo live, or watched their mockumentary "Noseland" with their close friend Julian Rachlin ( which you can stream as one of the crowdfunding perks) is already familiar with their unique mix of classical music, comedy, theatrical aspects and dance on stage - not to mention certain acrobatics from time to time too! ( they even had a fire-swallowing violinist for one project, but that's another story ;)

What we like about the Feast of Duos is that Igudesman & Joo are bringing this flavour to younger generations and encouraging brilliant young musicians to play with their theatrical side - an approach that we can only salute. This, combined with the wonderful atmosphere of the world renound Sion Festival, has even captured the interest of Welt der Wunder - an established German Tv magazine which is interested in streaming this series once it has been produced - we can imagine how thrilled all of the participants would be...

Both Aleksey and Hyung-ki are very passionate about this project, one that means a great deal to them and of course, to Pavel Vernikov, who is the Artistic Director of the Sion Festival. So, Hello Stager's, have a look at the video, follow their crowdfunder via wemakeit and donate if you can - everyone who donates can stream the entire finished series!

Remembers, crowdfunding is all or nothing, so let's help them make this happen!

Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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