How to Use Youtube to Promote Your Music

All you need to know to start your Youtube channel - thank you Robert Menne for these great and detailed instructions!

For many classical musicians, YouTube is an untapped market. Not only is YouTube an ideal place to share music, it boasts incredible user engagement rates. People who visit YouTube won't just watch videos. They will subscribe and share them. A savvy musician can use it to launch a career.

Starting A Channel

In theory, starting a YouTube channel is simple. Users need to be sure that they create an account on YouTube, select the "My Channel" option from the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner, and select a category and name.

In practice, however, starting a successful channel is a little more complex. Musicians need to make sure that they address all the little details. If they don't, their channel will largely go unnoticed.

The first thing users should do is fill out the about page. While the page should provide important information about the user, it should also contain relevant keywords and links to social media pages. It may be wise to examine the about pages of a few professional musicians. This will give users an idea of what they should aim for.

From there, users will need to work to spice up their YouTube page. They should select attractive channel art and work to give their page a professional and pleasing look.

Adding Videos

Once a channel is established, video content will need to be added. While starting with a few songs is fairly simple, it is best to provide a range of content. Musicians may want to include covers of popular songs in addition to their own music or include a few personal videos. The more variety a channel has, the easier it will be for it to get noticed.

Videos will also need appropriate titles and tags. In both cases, musicians should think about what users might be searching for when they find their video. Titles should always contain the name of the artist and the song being played. If the video is a live performance, it should also include the date.

When it comes to tags, musicians can be a little more broad. Tags that describe the music's genre and the instrument used are always a good fit, as are tags that describe the nature of the song. For example, "instrumental music" or "ambient music" both make good tags. Although YouTube will typically suggest tags for videos, users should try to come up with a few tags of their own.

Building An Audience

Once the videos have been published, musicians will have to work to get them seen. A video with a strong title and tags will get some natural search traffic, but that does not mean that musicians can leave promotional efforts aside.

Videos should always be shared on social media accounts and on a musician's personal website. Friends, family members, and current fans can give a channel the initial push it needs to get off the ground. The more subscribers a channel has, the more likely it is that it will be recommended to other users.

Musicians should also make sure that they are engaging with their current audience. In the early days, it is best to respond personally and positively to video comments. Even if a user gives negative feedback, a friendly, positive comment may be able to turn them into a fan.

If possible, musicians may want to partner up with other successful YouTubers. Providing a song or appearing in a sketch can help introduce a channel to a much wider audience.

When used well, YouTube is an incredibly effective promotional tool. Musicians should make sure they are taking full advantage of it.

Robert Menne writes and plays music in his spare time. He runs a site, FreeSongs.us that shares the latest tips and advice about guitars and guitar playing, as well as the best video guitar lessons to help you learn to play guitar.

Author: Robert Menne
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