Our .edu Campaign

We happily introduce our .edu campaign! All current music students and recent graduates receive a MUSICAN or ENSAMBLE UNLIMITED package for free for three years when joining with their university e-mail address. This offer expires on June 15th, 2016.

What do you have to do? Simply go to www.hellostage.com. Fill in your details and press JOIN NOW. Follow the steps and create a MUSICIAN or ENSEMBLE page. You will be automatically upgraded to the UNLIMITED package a few days later.

The UNLIMITED package offers you many important features supporting you in getting your career started. You can upload unlimited photos, videos, or audio files. You can activate the booking tool so that promoters can easily book you for concerts and events. You can personalize your URL, e.g. www.hellostage.com/SignorPaganini. You have also free access to the Naxos Music Library and the Naxos Work Database. For all features go to www.hellostage.com/page/Prices.

We, at HELLO STAGE, want to support the young and upcoming talent around the world with this campaign. We are fascinated by the great musicians we meet and hear. So, spread the word and make sure that all your colleagues and friends join now!

P.S.: Use your .edu or .ac.xx e-mail address when joining for you to be eligable for that offer.

Author: Bernhard Kerres
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After clicking on JOIN NOW you can start working right away. When you are done look into your inbox you will get an e-mail for authentication.
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