Why Music Education is More Important Than Ever

What are your thoughts on the importance of music education? Unfortunately, all too often funding is being cut short on this vital element of a good and thorough education across the globe...

Music education is a field of study associated with the teaching and learning of music. It touches on all learning domains, including the psychomotor domain (the development of skills), the cognitive domain (the acquisition of knowledge), and, in particular and significant ways, the affective domain (the learner's willingness to receive, internalize, and share what is learned), including music appreciation and sensitivity.

Music training from preschool through post-secondary education is common in most nations because involvement with music is considered a fundamental component of human culture and behavior. Music, like language, is an accomplishment that distinguishes humans as a species.

Music Education is not only important for skills and knowledge but also soothes the savage beast. Music is an expression of our soul and is important for our mental and emotional health. These skills are not commodified easily. Music helps us learn integrative knowlege where a cross disciplinary approach to learning is most evident. Most of all it is enjoyable, collaborative, exciting, passionate and extraordinary. What is a life without music?

My name is Prof. K. Lapatas and I am on a mission to reform music education in my country. I was destined to teach music and God blessed me to do exactly what I was born to be doing. Music is for everyone and you can learn at any age. I want everyone to have an equal opportunity to learn, gain knowledge of and aspire to be the BEST they are able to be. My job is to inspire, motivate and challenge my students to overcome their personal limits and reach their very best.

I work hard every day in order to practice their physical, mental, social and emotional skills, broaden their knowledge and integrate it to their lifestyle. I keep them both physically and mentally active and energetic, making sure all the musical knowledge they gain translates to everything they do and they spread it to everyone around them. I focus on potential, perspective, opportunity, encouragement, openness, cooperation, creation emotion, expression and communication. I promote critical thinking, alertness, self-esteem, self-confidence, socialization, team spirit and team work. To all this I add my timeless personal values such as love, ethos, unparalleled dedication and fiery commitment.

Music Education & HELLO STAGE

Bringing music education into the digital age has been one of the major contributions of HELLO STAGE. They provide musicians with unique tools and functions in order to present, promote and support their music and artistry. Their BOOKING and FAN modules are also unique and lifesavers. I am very proud to be a member of this revolutionary Red Herring award-winning company!

More about my VISION & MISSION: lapatas.tk

Support Music Education Reform: here

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Author: Kosmas Lapatas, Piano Pedagogue
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