Planning a Crowdfunding Campaign

This week we visited the www.wemakeit.com crowdfunding workshop for tips and best practices on planning a successful crowdfunder...

The past year has seen a multitude of successful crowdfunding campaigns by our Hello Stage community - some of our members even managed to support a couple of their projects this way. For many classical musicians, crowdfunding a CD is seen as an important marketing step as well as one that enables them to pre-sell their merchandise and interact with their most loyal fans through creative 'meet and greet' experiences.

With careful planning, a crowdfunding campaign not only enables you to extensively promote your project within a set time frame, but also to further grow and develop your fanbase.

To reap the full benefits of crowdfunding, and having unfortunately seen a couple of projects which did not meet their financial goal, here are some tips on the actual planning process:

- Create a timeplan which includes the deadlines and to-do lists leading up to the start of the crowdfunding project

You will need to write the crowdfunding texts and get them translated and proof-read, think up realistic perks that work for your fans, record a video for your campaign, get in touch with possible sponsors and make a very realistic plan of how many supporters you need for the amount money which you are aiming to raise. This is a time-consuming process which requires a lot of organising! You might also need the help of professional translators, photographers and camera professionals so don't forget to plan these extra costs and manpower involved!

- Don't forget to announce your project on your social media channels before the campaign launches!

A great way of giving your fans a "heads-up" is to mention your upcoming campaign in your newsletter. You might also want to spread the word by with a few posts on facebook, or even document it with a photo diary of the planning process - whatever feels right for you.

- Reach out to your most loyal supporters personally

Whether it's friends and family, colleagues, sponsors - take the time to meet and talk about your project, why it matters to you and why you would value their support: apart from showing your genuine passion, the feedback you receive will be vital in planning your crowdfunding campaign.

- Listen to your community and plan your perks and rewards carefully

Do your research and try to come up with rewards that offer benefits to both parties - your audience will appreciate exclusive deals, signed or personalised merchandise and opportunities to book you for an exclusive performance with a chance to sit down and get to know you afterwards. If you teach, offering workshops or lessons at a special price will also interest many of your students! Get creative and don't be afraid to offer a couple of jokers too - whether its cooking dinner, going for a hike, a night in town together with loyal fans, don't be afraid to share your personal side too!

Are you currently planning a crowdfunder? Share your campaign in the comments below!
Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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Coline-Marie Orliac - 2016-08-25 22:13
Currently planning my crowdfunding campaign for "Harpistically Yours, Chopin"!
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