Winning the Red Herring Award!

In case you missed it, a grand day for classical music and for you, HELLO STAGERS!

Bringing classical music into the digital age has been one of the foundations of HELLO STAGE since the beginning - think about it, a platform for classical musicians to connect and interact on this level simply never existed before - chances were, you had to invest a great deal of money into your own website, social media presence and try to make your mark on SoundCloud, Myspace...and this simply wasn't that easy for a classical musician. It still requires a great deal of time, which we know, most of your simply do not have!

By providing classical musicians with the unique tools and functions that they need to present their music, as well as allowing them to access the world's largest professional classical music professionals database, simply by signing up free of charge, HELLO STAGE has revolutionized the classical music social network scene.

We have also come a long way since we launched and now offer a booking tool as well as our fan module - which allows you to connect with your fans via a monthly automatically generated newsletter, saving you the cost and hassle of existing newsletter software, such as MailChimp. New features are being programmed as we speak!

As you might have already seen, Bernhard Kerres was in Utrecht, Netherlands last week to attend a very important conference, as you might have already discovered in his recent blog post, We Are A Red Herring 2016 Winner! We looke forward to developing and changing the face of classical music in the future with you! Thank you for your support dear HELLO STAGERS and we are immensely proud of the Red Herring recognition.

Long live classical music!

Here are some behind the scenes shots from last week:

Lovely Utrecht in spring...

Bernhard proudly holding the Red Herring Award!

Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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