Photo Flashback - Hello Stage at IAMA!

We had a brilliant time at the IAMA Conference! Here is a sneak peak of what goes on behind the scenes and who we met up with...

We couldn't resist some serious selfie documentation...the #classicalbuzz was just too good to miss! In our cover photo, we see Bernhard with Marlena Radaschitz of IAMA and guitarist Lars Hannibal...

Bernahrd meets with the wonderful Susanna Stefani from Only Maestros!

Things get serious as the floor starts to get busy...

It's lovely to run into happy and smiling faces - with Sarah Bruce of Lomonaco Artists!

Here Bernhard catches up with Miriam Pascual Benavent from Odradek Records...

We managed to squeeze everyone into the picture! With Magaret Yang and her colleague from the Hongkong Sinfonietta. Fazil Say, Alexander Crudele and other HELLOS STAGE members will be playing with them, so stay tuned...

In the evening we all enjoyed a Gala dinner sponsored by Christies!

Where we met Atholl swainston-Harrison (IAMA) & hannes de Vries (GE#sharp Artist Events)

Go Bettina! It was great seeing her in action, speaking about artist management!

The smile on Bettina'a face says it all in this after panel selfie with Peter Hosek, Niels Aalberts, Ben rayfied and James brown!
Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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