We are a 2016 Red Herring 100 Europe Winner!

Tonight HELLO STAGE was named a 2016 Red Herring 100 Europe Winner. I am humbled by this award and would like to dedicate the award to the outstanding team of HELLO STAGE who has worked restless to bring classical music into the digital age.
Bettina Mehne jumped into the cold water with me right from the beginning. She left the Wiener Konzerthaus with me and ignored many interesting opportunities because she believed in HELLO STAGE. Günter Lepuschitz closed his computer at our first meetings and only listened so that he could learn about the classical music business. Only when he asked all the question and only when he believed that he had a first understanding of the industry, he started coding and developed the technical aspect of HELLO STAGE to what it is today.

Murli Bhamidipati jumped in at a time which was very difficult for me personally to lead HELLO STAGE for several months in 2014 before moving on to other things. Clio Em built up our social media presence and handed it over to Nina Lucas who started a community management including our widely read blog. Hanna Kristall and Raphael Shklarek were there when we needed them most helping our members getting on to HELLO STAGE and ensuring that our young office could operate.

Youri Cho has been our editor from day one who quickly understood our – and especially my –tone of language. All the texts which are written in the best English have been edited by her. Eren Yagmuroglu and Toygun Özdemir support us with their graphic design and social media skills form Istanbul. Anna Heflin just joined us as our first student ambassador based at the Conservatory of Music in San Francisco.

There are many more people who made us a Red Herring Top 100 Company – among them are our investors who believed in us, our members who trusted us, our founding members putting their brand on the line for us.

This is your award! Be proud of it! We are the first classical music company who has won it. Thanks to everyone of you!

When I did my MBA at London Business School from 1996 to 1998, Red Herring was the bible for the new digital and internet age. It was the time of the first internet boom. We all read Red Herring. Our professors used articles from it for classroom discussions. We were fascinated by the new digital world. Today’s award therefore means a lot to me, personally.

I am humbled by the award and by the enormous achievement of the HELLO STAGE team. I know that we all will see the award as an encouragement to work even harder for what we really care for – our classical musicians, their audiences and fans around the world as well as all the mangers, promoters, and ensmebles.

Thank you!
Author: Bernhard Kerres
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Clio Em - 2016-04-13 21:27
Glad to have been a part of the development of this exciting platform :)
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