Feel the Beat with Bach & Co. & Alfredo Ovalles in Vienna!

What could 'dance' have to do with pianist Alfredo Ovalles's solo recital at the Musikverein on the 7th April in Vienna this week? More than you think!

Every musician loves being on stage - it's the most rewarding part of the profession - to connect with and inspire an audience through music.

A solo recital is a valuable opportunity to share your musical personality with the world, which is why the selection of the program, essentially your repertoire, is in many ways your musical calling card. How creative are you able to get when chosing and putting together your program?

Aldredo Ovalles will be performing at the Musikverein on the 7th April, and, knowing Alfredo, we knew that there would be a special story behind the behind selecting the program, little did we know what we would discover;

Putting together the program was the really interesting part - I have always liked to dance (even if for a big part of my teenage years I denied it), and I have also always been attracted to dance music of many forms.

So when the opportunity to play in Musikverein opened up, and they requested that I play the Symphonic Dances from West Side Story, I jumped on it to try to develop a program based only on dance music. Of course, one cannot talk about piano-based dances and not play Bach, so that's where the Partita comes in.

Then, I wanted something that represented Vienna, so I took the Brahms Op. 39 Waltzes because of his immense admiration towards Johann Strauss and how open he was about trying to capture the spirit of the Viennese waltz. At the same time, I wanted to represent Schubert without having him directly, so Ravel's hommage with his Valses Nobles et Sentimentales was an obvious choice. To round out the program I had to play something from my favorite composer, someone with whom I share my love for folk music, Bartók's Dance Suite.

In the end, the program ended up being very well balanced and to me, it is a fascinating exploration of how dance music can become "serious" concert music from Bach to Bernstein.

If you can, do go and enjoy this special concert - now that you know the background story, we dare you to sit still!

Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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