Avoiding a World Of Trouble

​We are delighted to announce a special and worthy new series on our blog, ‘Avoiding A World of Trouble' by internationally acclaimed art’s and entertainment legal experts, Brian Taylor Goldstein & Robyn Guilliams.

​ Brian Taylor Goldstein and Robyn Guilliams are the founding partners of GG Arts Law, a New York-based entertainment law firm, as well as Managing Directors of Goldstein Guilliams International, through which they provide comprehensive business, project and tour management, and legal services exclusively to the international performing arts and entertainment community. Brian has twice been recognized as one of New York's "Super Lawyers" in the fields of Entertainment, Intellectual Property and Immigration in The New York Times and is a well-known speaker and author on arts and artist management. Robyn is an internationally recognized specialist in foreign artist taxation and artist business matters, as well as a Co-Author of Artistsfromabroad.org, with an impressive past career in arts administration and management at major venues and arts organizations.

While presenting and touring artists in the United States brings many rewards, it also entails coordinating considerable logistical challenges. “Avoiding a World of Trouble” will provide valuable information and practical tips on such issues as the ever-changing rules and procedures affecting U.S. visas and tax obligations for non-U.S performers; contractual concepts such as force majeure and acts of god; U.S. insurance advice for non-U.S. groups and performers; international licensing and copyright issues; and suggested planning and procedural timelines. Brian and Robyn will also pass along the latest information and guidance for musicians travelling with instruments containing elephant ivory and other banned substances.

Stay tuned!
Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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